"Nothing  about  us, without us"

The PCYAC is dedicated to giving young people in the Pueblo community the opportunity to have their voice heard on issues that specifically affect youth. Our council is made up of youth ages 13-22. We welcome everyone and anyone within that age range and we want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to have their voices heard!

What We Do

The PCYAC works to advise other youth-serving organizations in order to improve their programs and/or make them more youth-friendly. These youth-serving organizations and agencies fill out an application to speak with our council and are able to get feedback from our kids on how to improve their programs, create new programs, improve their youth outreach, and with anything else they might need youth input for! 

Some of the activities we have done are...

Although our main service that we provide is advising other agencies and groups within our community, we have participated in many activities that include public speaking, presentations, and hosting events. The following are just a few of the activities we have completed in the past:

  • Wrote & were awarded the Dare to Dream Grant by Youth Move National

  • Created a mental health awareness presentation

  • Presented our project proposal to the Pueblo City Schools Board of Education & to District 70

  • Spoke at the Pueblo Youth Awareness Week kickoff event 

  • Hosted free bowling nights for youth & their families during Youth Awareness Week

  • Held a mental health breakout session during the 2018 Pueblo Youth Experience

  • Presented in front of Pueblo's City Council & our County Commissioners 

  • Sold concessions at Pueblo Has Talent as a fundraiser for our council  

  • Attended various resource fairs, youth events, & student/family nights for the community

  • Held celebration events for our youth

Some of the agencies/organizations we have worked with are...

  • The Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment

                    PDPHE's Family Planning Clinic 

                    PCPHE's Built Environment Grant

  • Communities That Care

  • Pueblo City Schools

  • First Responders 

  • The Alliance to Combat Human Trafficking

  • The Pueblo Youth Experience

  • Pueblo Has Talent

Benefits of Joining the PCYAC

The PCYAC offers many opportunities for youth to use their voices and get more involved and connected with the Pueblo community and other members of the Pueblo community. Some of the benefits of joining the PCYAC include:

  • Earning community service hours

  • Learning more about the Pueblo community & available services for youth

  • Flexible meeting schedules

  • Lunch & snacks are provided during the meetings

  • Ability to put this on resumes 

  • Recommendation letters upon request

  • Meeting leaders within the Pueblo community 

  • Receiving trainings & learning new skills

  • Meeting youth from different schools & backgrounds

If you are between the ages of 13-22 and interested in joining the council, please complete the youth interest form by clicking below or directly contact the PCYAC Coordinator at pueblocountyyac@gmail.com or by calling/texting 719-299-9964.